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Bethel Advocacy Center Programs

The Bethel Advocacy Center, located at 130 West Washington Street in Bethel, is a NPCIA Subsidiary. The District 2 County Commissioner's Committee is organized to serve as an outreach extension, to provide daily constituency service to residents living in the township of Bethel, the town of Bethel and Pitt County. The Committee is an affiliate for the Northern Pitt County Improvement Association, cleaning up locally and tending Community Garden projects

Organic Garden


Our community gardens provide free, home grown vegetables for our citizens. The Bethel Advocacy Committee invites all of Bethel to help pull weeds and pick tasty, healthy food for their tables


Overgrown lots become an eyesore for the neighborhood and invite unwanted pests. The Bethel Advocacy Committee is working with property owners and the town to cut and clear these lots as a service to our neighbors, and places they live!

Putting Garbage Bag


The Bethel Advocacy Committee is working on additional projects within our beloved town. If you have a project idea, please don't hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to see what we can do to help! Reach out, now- We're waiting for you!

Call now: (252) 825-7510 or Let's connect on Facebook:


Upcoming Project- Bethel walking trail

We are in the process of developing a walking trail for the members of the Bethel community. Sponsors are welcome. Please email:

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